Soil Test

Man Taking A Soil Sample

A healthy lawn is a pride for homeowners, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, your lawn might not respond as expected. If you’re encountering persistent issues with your lawn, it might be time to consider a soil test. Soil sampling is a critical tool in diagnosing these problems. By analyzing the soil, we can understand the root cause of these issues. Whether it’s a pH imbalance, nutrient deficiency, or poor soil structure, our detailed soil analysis can pinpoint the exact issue

Once we identify the problem through soil sampling, our team at Eco Lawn develops a customized action plan to address the specific needs of your lawn. This plan may include: Nutrient management, P.H correction, Soil Ammendments, Targeted Treatments

How does a Soil Test Benefit me?

  • A Soil Test will Check Nutrient Levels

    A soil sample tells you what's missing or what's too much in your soil. Too little nitrogen? Too much phosphorus? The soil sample spills the beans.

  • P.H Balance

    Grass likes its soil just right - not too acidic, not too alkaline. A soil sample can tell you if you need to tweak things to make it perfect.

  • Saving Money

    Knowing exactly what your soil needs means you won't waste cash and effort on the wrong fertilizers or treatments.

What’s a Soil Test Anyway?

Think of a soil sample as a health check-up for your lawn. It’s like taking a little scoop of dirt from different spots in your yard and sending it off to a lab. The experts there check out what’s in the soil – stuff like nutrients and pH level – to see if it’s in tip-top shape for growing your grass

How to Tell if Your Lawn’s Begging for a Soil Sample
  • Spot the Problem Areas: Got patches where grass won’t grow or areas that look sadder than the rest? That’s a sign.
  • Grass Gone Wild: If your lawn is more weeds than grass, it’s time to check what’s up underground.
  • Water Woes: If water puddles up or runs off too fast, the soil might need some help.
Best Time for a Soil Test?

Early spring or fall are the best times to get soil sampling done. It’s like the Goldilocks seasons for soil – not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for getting a clear picture of what’s going on under your grass.

From grabbing those soil samples to getting them analyzed at the lab, it might take about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how busy the soil lab folks are. So, if you’re planning to spruce up your lawn for a special occasion, make sure to factor in this wait time!