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Right now we are focused on Hillsborough County but plan to add areas very soon

No! There is no contract and we make it easy to cancel. We are looking for clients who want yearly service, we do not offer less then our full program. If you are not happy we do make it easy to leave. 

Nope. One you sign up you go into our scheduling software. You will remain in our system forever (or until you decide to leave)

It can really depend on the program but generally speaking we come out once a month.  We will email you the day before we come out. If that does not work for you, you can reply to reschedule. You do not need to be home for the visit and if you need a text ahead we can help with that. 

A light rain will help wash products into the soil, so don’t worry. If we anticipate rain, we add a sticker to our weed control products so it doesn’t wash off the surface of the weeds. If very heavy rain occurs within an hour of a treatment, we will come back to check on the application’s effectiveness and do a free touch up if needed. You will need to stay off until the application is dry. 

We recommend to wait to mow the lawn at least a couple hours after we apply. You do not need to adjust the watering cycle. Most people have them set to late evening or early morning and either of those will not harm the treatment

Weeds begin to curl and die within 2 weeks, depending on the type of weed. We offer free weed touchups if the weeds do not begin to die within 10 days, but please wait for 10 days to make sure they aren’t dying. Some weeds, like spurge and clover, die especially slowly. New weeds can emerge each week, so please keep us notified of those too. If you are a new client and your lawn is full of weeds, we usually schedule the second treatment soon after the first treatment in order to get all of the weeds that didn’t die the first treatment. All you need to do is email us an image of the weeds you are concered about.